Welcome to my personal webpage!


I am so excited to launch my personal webpage! I am very thankful to have an opportunity to work on many different projects with a variety of colleagues, friends, and family members. This webpage will be a way of providing access to those fun projects, and to explore more about my own growth and development!

What can you expect on here?

  • First and foremost, my hope is to use the platform to discuss what it is like to open and run a business. The ups, the downs, and all of the in-between. Maybe this will inspire you to start your own business. Maybe it will help to demystify what it means to be a business owner/entrepreneur. When I went to start my business, I was looking for any and all information to help – and I want to share what I have learned in my own journey!

  • Second, I hope to write about a variety of different projects and initiatives I am excited to be working on! This will include a lot of privacy, security, and technology, but I hope to go beyond that as well!

A little about me!

In addition to what you can find on the About Me, I wanted to introduce myself in more detail! I consider myself somewhat of a modern day jack of all trades. In fact, that provides both challenges and opportunities. The challenge is that I want to do it all and sometimes become overwhelmed with that desire! However, this same trait keeps me on my toes, involved in a variety of different journeys, and always up to explore and try new things.

Written on June 22, 2020