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Are you wondering if one-on-one coaching is right for you, or worth the investment?

What is coaching? Coaching provides a dedicated space for you to work on yourself and your goals. In our sessions, we will work on creating a concrete action plan, think of its as your personal business plan, delving into helpful resources and determing your next steps. For so many of us, it is this first step that is the hardest; and, with coaching, we can get you moving and thriving with a concrete action plan. I have developed a unique approach to coaching, mixing in conversation, weekly action items, and feedback. This is not solely about learning new things and adding new tools into your toolkit that you might use at some point in the future. Our goal will be to focus on learning skills to create real and lifelong change. The strategies we’ll be working on together are yours to use for life, and to share with those you care about.

Why work with a coach: Working with my clients and community, I have learned that in order to create real and lasting change, you need to commit to yourself with serious skin in the game. And, investing in a coach or mentor is potentially the best investment you can make in your own growth. It was, and contiues to be, for me, hands down, the best investment I make: investing in myself. It creates a sense of dedication directly tied to your commitment to growth. And, ultimately, that commitment leads to results.

Who I coach: I offer coaching for entrepreuners, lawyers, technologists, and new graduates looking to expand their careers and open or grow their opportunities to create a profession for themselves that can create satisfication, growth and your definition of success.

How much it costs: I have a range of package options depending on your needs and goals. A one-time coaching session is $300.

Ready to learn more? We can schedule a free 15 minute introductory session to see if we are a good fit to help you reach your goals. You can schedule that appointment via this link.