Introduction to Risk Management

In the Fall 2020, I co-taught a Design Research course at Drexel University as part of a year-long emphasis on the impact and approach to pandemics and crises. This Design Course pushed students to think critically and across dimensions on how to design solutions, incorporating the concepts of risk. A HUGE thank you to Dee Nicholas for the amazing opportunity to teach together, and to learn so much during this process.

Risk Management, especially within organizations, is critical, both before, during and after acute time periods like a pandemic. I created theses three core modules, and an Introductory video, to help provide baseline on how to be thinking about Risk Management.

Introductory Video

Module 1: Introductionto Risk

  • Defining Risk;
  • Components of Risk; and
  • Impact of Risk on Organizations.

Module 2: Risk Management

  • Scope of Risk Management;
  • Risk Managment Process; and
  • Buidling an ERM Program.

Module 3: Risk Assessment & Analysis

  • Risk Assesssment Workflow;
  • Tools & Techniques; and
  • Risk Classification & Measurement.

In less than ONE HOUR, you can learn some key aspects of how to be thinking about creating Risk Management Processes, and the key questions to be asking you and your team. Please reach out regarding questions or feedback!

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