My Story

Welcome! This is my personal website where you can learn about all of the projects and activities I am working on! Here are some fun things about me:

  • I don’t think I can ever sit 100% still. Sometimes, that can drive everyone around me nuts. But, I secretly think it is my ultimate superpower!

  • I am an avid dog lover! My dogs, Brody and Bella, are always up for cuddles, walks and runs in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and just hanging out!

  • I love to travel, and will take any excuse to hop on a plane to visit somehwere new, old – you name it, I will agree to take the trip! My travel bug really took off in college when I lived in France (still one of my favorite countries!).

  • I coded this entire website on GitHub. Yes, I am a lawyer. But, I am steadfastedly devoted to challenging myself to continue to learn. And, coding is soundly in the category of “new” for me! A HUGE thank you to Conor Gilsenan for his continued patience with me learning this often confusing developer world!

  • I love, love, love being a female entrepreneur and building a business. It has been the greatest life challenge and the most fulfilling journey I have embarked on to date! Yes, the days can be long, but the rewards are incredible. I hope that my story helps others to “take the leap” into entrepreneurship. I have never regretted it.

I wear many “hats” in my day-to-day life! It keeps things interesting – if not hectic sometimes.

Private Sector Lawyering

As I alluded to above, my first (but certainly not last) leap into entrepreneurship is the development of my private law practice, first at my own law firm and now as the Global Compliance and Advisory Team Lead at Octillo, an international and domestic data security and data privacy law firm. I am so proud of the many leaps into entrepreneurship that I have taken in building a business, my role in changing the dialogue in how to provide legal services, and promoting women-owned law firms.

In my day-to-day practice, I focus on all components of cybersecurity, data privacy, and the data lifecycle. Beckage provides me with an opportunity to work with some really cool companies grappling with global challenges in privacy, security, technology, and information governance. As a business owner myself, I try to maintain the perspective of creating cost-effective and business oriented approaches to this complex and evolving area of the law.

If you are loooking to connect with my private practice, please visit Octillo’s Website or contact me at [email protected].

Professor Role

I love teaching and working with students. It is a true joy to continue my learning journey by providing resources and courses across a variety of of different disciplines and backgrounds. My hope is that through these educational avenues, more of us can work together to create solutions to the challenges in privacy, security, and technology.

  • At UC Berkeley, I am a lecturer in the School of Information where I teach Cybersecurity in Context, exploring the interplay of law and technology. Check out my Berkeley Profile. I also am involved in research and projects at the Berkeley Laboratory For Usable Security and Experimental Security(BLUES).
  • At Drexel University, I am a faculty member of the Thomas R. Kline School of Law. In that role, I educate law students in European data protection laws and general data privacy laws. I also work with undergradaute students at the Le Bow College of Business to provide basics in privacy laws. Check out my Drexel profile.
  • At Chestnut Hill College, I provide a course in the Master of Cybersecurity program focused on cybersecurity law. Check out the CHC Master of Cybersecurity program.

Contact me

The easiest way to schedule a time to connect for a virtual meeting is to use this link to my calender to schedule at your convenience.

You can also use the following methods to contact me: