As part of my work, I am involved in a number of different projects, with the aim of furthering my own knowledge in privacy and security, as well as to help to explore concepts impacting societal privacy and security.

My research focuses on data privacy and cybersecurity, exploring the convergence of the law and technology and the practical implications of regional data protection regulations within a backdrop of the global economy. I like to apply my practical experience working with multinational companies to better understand the evolution of security and privacy within changing regulatory and legal frameworks to balance consumer and end-user rights with enterprise innovation and efficiencies.

My goal: develop real solutions in the privacy, security, and technology space to help society address the growing reliance on technology in our digital universe.

My Current Projects

Currently, I am working on a number of different projects, both academically and in the private sector:

  • Geo-location Tracking and Privacy Concerns

With the increasing focus on geo-location tracking, especially in the healthcare context during COVID-19, privacy concerns are of a top concern to many individuals, businesses, and governments. As part of the many global initiatives focused on this area, I am currently working to help develop effective solutions that incorporate privacy when using statistical analysis to trace potential health outbreaks.

My research partners and I submitted our initial research for the Global Legal Hackathon, a brief “sprint” project focused on legal concerns during COVID-19. Our full submission can be found here.

  • Blockchain and Data Protection Laws

My initial research on this topic is summarized in this blog post, “Blockchain and Data Protection Laws: Can they Co-Exist?”.

I continue to expand my research, focusing on legislative and governmental approaches to creating workable solutions to creating blockchain solutions with privacy built-in.

  • Operationalizing Privacy

One of the challenges in the privacy space for many entities is creating workable solutions to incorpriating privacy within their infrastructure. You can learn more about this project, and my forthcoming eBook, by visiting Book.

  • Creating consistencies in global data privacy management

With the explosion of privacy regulations in most regions of the world, a key question is how do we great effective global solutions to privacy that meet varying, and sometimes conflicting, legal requirements? I work with multinational companies to research practical solutions to global privacy requirements.

My Future Project and Research Interests

In the near and distant future, I hope to work on projects on the following topics:

  1. Creating workable solutions to privacy and security litigation to balance the protection of the individual and business innovation.

  2. The role of antitrust/competition law in promoting privacy and security in the private sector.